[Kayo Kamishima/Vocalist]



その後Sarah Vaughan, Anita O'dayなどJazz Vocalに影響を受ける。

20代半ばでBaden Powell, Marisa Monte, Luciana Souzaなどを聴き、

ブラジル音楽に傾倒。ポルトガル語歌唱をブラジル人歌手Wilma de Oliveira、

Jazz/VoiceトレーニングをJazz singer大野えり、 リズム/音楽理論を

パーカッショニストよしうらけんじ、 各氏に師事。










[Kayo Kamishima Biography]


Born in Aichi, Japan. She began learning piano at the age of 5, and play keyboards and sing as a vocalist in her high school days. She used to sing Rock, AOR, Pops, Soul, Funk especially 70's roots' music, in her college days in Tokyo. Then, she came to be influenced from Jazz Vocal, like Sarah Vaughan, Anita O'day, Carmen McRae, and so on.


In her twenties in Aichi, she came to love Brazilian Music, especially MPB(Musica Popular Brasileira), like Baden Powell, Marisa Monte, Joyce(Moreno), Luciana Souza, and Milton Nascimento. In 2005, she moved to Tokyo again, and decided to learn singing in Portuguese from a Brazilian singer Wilma de Oliveira. She had taken some other lessons of Jazz Vocal, The Basics of Rhythms and the fundamental music theory from a professional percussionist, Kenji Yoshiura.

In 2009, she moved to Paris, where she had a lot of exciting experiences, as travelling EU, learning French lyrics, touching stunning arts, and encountering various kinds of music and people. In 2013, she came back to Tokyo, and began to sing again. She took more lessons of Jazz Vocal and Voice Training from the famous Japanese Jazz Singer, Eri Ohno. 

Now, she sings mainly Brasilian Music, Jazz, and Pops, in 4 languages (English, Portuguese, French, and Japanese), at some live spots in Tokyo. She explores the universality of various kinds of acoustic music, trying to express the essence of beauty of the songs, especially in its lyrics and words.